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KS2 Football @ Littlehampton

Today’s football event was fantastic. Every single child was amazing! Mrs Allwright was so proud to be there with them to watch them shine. Their behaviour was superb, the way they interacted with the sports leaders running each activity, and their attitude towards each other and other schools.

When we arrived we were greeted by Ali Groves from West Sussex Schools who was delighted we had made the effort.

The children had a variety of activities including- dribbling and controlling  a football through cones, passing to one other team member, receiving and kicking a ball back to a sports leader, target practice (shooting into a big goal with a net across with target holes for scoring), shooting into a net which measured the power of the kick. Every time all of our children encouraged each other with praise and encouragement, it really was a joy to see.

All of the children have been given certificates for attending and J and T both received medals for sportsmanship and most improvement through the morning activities.

Mrs Allwright and Mrs Ramprasad felt very proud!