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Week 4

This week started with a strange envelope found in our classroom addressed to Duckling Class. When we opened it up we discovered that it was from the Gruffalo himself! He had heard about our exciting Gruffalo adventures and our brilliant collaborative writing skills, so he asked us to write a new story for him! This time he wanted to be a good character that no-one was scared of. Well the Ducklings quickly set to work, each planning a new story and telling the adults who scribed them down. We acted out our stories together and they were fabulous! The children then illustrated their stories so that we can put them all together to make a book for the Gruffalo. I think he will be delighted!


In Maths, we have been comparing the number of objects in two sets by matching them one-to-one and seeing if there are any left-over or if the quantities are equal. We are focusing on embedding the language of ‘more than’, ‘fewer than’ and ‘an equal number’ to describe how many objects are in each set. The Ducklings have been really good at applying this new language in their play too, further reinforcing their Maths learning.


On Friday, the Ducklings created some beautiful leaf relief prints in clay. They learnt how to handle and roll the clay and, using tools, they pressed a leaf into the clay creating a delicate imprint that showed the different parts of the leaf clearly. Excellent learning Ducklings!