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W.B. 04.07.22

Week 5 Pirates!


At the beginning of the week, we received a photo from Detective Fairy which was a clue for our final learning topic in Ducklings! It was a photo of an underwater scene which included lots of beautiful fish and a sunken ship. We used our learning of storytelling to tell own stories which were inspired by the photograph. Our ideas included mermaids, magical spells and pirates… Pirates??


After telling our own stories, a story called ‘The Treasure of Pirate Frank’ appeared in our classroom! Our prior knowledge of pirates had helped us to guess our new, final topic, PIRATES! We shared our thoughts and questions on what we would like to learn over the next couple of weeks; ‘Why are they called pirates?’ ‘Why do pirates have swords?’ ‘Why do pirates have ships?’ We are excited to learn more!


We have also loved exploring our creative side this week…

We have enjoyed the opportunity to design and decorate our own treasure map using wax crayons and water colours. We discussed different locations we may find on a treasure island; volcanoes, swamps, jungles. We then learnt that authors use words known as adjectives, describing words, to describe a character or setting in the story. We chose a location on our own map to describe and wrote a sentence – such amazing writers!  


On Friday, we spent the afternoon manipulating clay to create a memory of learning from our time in Duckling Class – We look forward to showing our grown-ups the end product very soon :)


In PE, we had the opportunity to participate in some class running races. Prior to running, we learnt about the importance of athletes having their own lane to keep themselves and others safe when running. We practised walking, skipping and jogging in a straight line before attempting a sprint – It was a very hot day so we remembered to drinks lots!


As we approach the last couple of weeks in Ducklings, we are spending our time revisiting our previous learning of letters, sounds and numbers. We have enjoyed playing pirate word bingo in phonics and revisiting our learning of number bonds to 5 and 10 through lots of songs and rhymes :)


A lovely week of learning in the sunshine. Let’s hope the sun is here to stay and we enjoy our final weeks in Duckling Class!