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Week 3 15.11.21

Week 3

Rhyming with Julia Topic


Lots of amazing learning in Duckling Class this week. We discussed the story setting of The Gruffalo and explored our own woodland area to look for signs of autumn.

We noticed the changes in the weather;
A: “There’s no sun today!” A: “The sticks and leaves are on the floor, it can be windy!” S: “It’s cold so we need our coats!”

We also noticed many leaves had fallen and we admired their colour;

K: “Mine is like green and a bit yellow!” T: “I’ve found a dark brown one and this is red!”


From our discussion of the leaves colour, we were invited to explore colour mixing! We started with the three primary colours; red, blue and yellow. We then attempted to make some autumnal colours by mixing the primary colours together e.g. using yellow and red to create orange. We were definitely displaying our Bramber Value of ‘Make discoveries’ as we were showing some wonderful exploration with the paints :)


Duckling Class are thriving in their learning of phonics, recognising up to 11 sounds now! We have had great fun listening to Fred the Frog say many green words such as g-o-t got / c-a-n can!
The Red Word ‘the’ has been introduced as a common word found in many stories and it is tricky because the letters do not make the right sound – We just need to recognise this word by sight – At home, we could choose our favourite story book and see if we can count how many of the red word ‘the’ we can find in the book!

We have also been introduced to a very unusual green word: a! We understand that when we see the word ‘a’ on its own in a sentence, it turns into the green word ‘a’ e.g. cat on a mat. And when the letter ‘a’ is accompanied by other letters, it turns back into the bouncy sound ‘a a a’ e.g. c-a-t – As a class we suggested that ‘a’ should be a rainbow word as it is not as helpful as our other green words :) We’ll keep practising though!


Lastly, we have had an important discussion as a class about Anti-bullying week and developed our understanding of the term ‘bullying’. The theme for this year’s Anti-bullying week was ‘One Kind Word’
We have decided to dedicate time, every Friday, to a circle time known as ‘Friendship Friday’ This is when we will share kind words about our friends. It will be lovely to hear kind words and put a huge smiles on our friend’s faces!


Another fantastic week of learning Ducklings, enjoy your well-deserved rest this weekend :)