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Our topic this week has led us to a rather gruesome place... the Palace of Purification where dead pharoahs were mummified!


We found out all about the strange process of mummification, and using this knowledge to have a go at creating our own set of instructions about 'How to make a mummy'. We learned lots of new vocabulary, and will be including it in our finished piece of writing - watch this space!

The mummification process





This was an exciting week for Seagulls because we held an election to decide who our school councillor would be.

We discussed democracy, and why voting is important, then anyone who wished to stand for election had time to compose their election speech. 


Everybody then had time to say their speech, and a secret ballot took place. After the vote was counted, we welcomed our newly elected members - well done both of you. I know the Seagulls made a good choice as their good behaviour and helpfulness around school will be great assets to them as councillors!

Seagull Elections





We had a great time on Thursday learning about electric circuits. We had the chance to investigate what happens when you try putting wires, batteries, bulbs, buzzers and switches together. It wasn't always successful; we learned that plastic wasn't a good conductor of electricity, so when the clip was attached the plastic part of the wire, the electricity didn't go around the circuit. 


We will continue next week, so try to think of any ways we can use these things to make something...

Experimenting with electricity



We had a very exciting event organised by the Year 4 children and their families this week. They were feeling particularly moved by the plight of Afghan refugees in the news, and decided rather than just feel sad about it they would do something to help! So they organised a wonderful bake sale after school on Friday. Many cakes, traybakes and biscuits were donated, and a stall set up outside the front of the school was managed by the children themselves with help from their parents. I was so proud of the thoughtfulness of the Seagulls, and I know that this way of thinking will continue with them through life. I can't wait to let you know the total of the money raised as soon as it is counted up. Well done, Year 4!

Charity cake sale on Friday



Welcome back Year 4 Seagulls!


We have had a lovely week getting to know each other in Seagull class. 


We made a good start getting to know about the things we will be learning and investigating throughout the year and getting routines in place. 


We had our first swimming lesson at Splash Point and it was very successful - even the few children who felt initially nervous to go ended up feeling so much more confident and had a lovely time!