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In October 2023, we had our most recent OFSTED inspection to establish if we continue to be a good provider.  We are delighted to say that Bramber continues to be a good school.


Please read the report below for further information.


Some comments from our inspection report:

Pupils are polite and courteous. They show high levels of respect to all.

Pupils feel safe and have warm relationships with staff.


Pupils are eager to learn and they achieve well.


They show strong acceptance of difference and enjoy learning about a range of cultures and religions.


Pupils are proud to attend the school. 


Pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) produce high-quality work and achieve as well as their peers.


The school is calm and orderly. Teachers have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour.


The school has designed a broad and ambitious curriculum that ensures pupils remember and understand important learning.


Ofsted Inspection Report October 2023.

Parent View is a tool that can be used for parents to express their thoughts about a school.  There are a series of questions for you to answer.  If you do have concerns, we do urge you to contact the school immediately.  If you have compliments, we also urge you to let us know as well.