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Heron class blog - week 6

Week 6

Monday: First we did are finishing of work. Then FIF and RR and maths. In maths we where learning about number sense by focusing on the structure of the questions. After maths we did spellings. In spellings we did speed spell, spelling zone and the dictionary challenge. Then we had play. After play we had indoor PE doing the lindy hop in the hall. When we got back to class we learnt about the Few in topic. We got to make shadow puppets, how the puppets work is you have a black sheet of paper draw something on it, cut it out, get a whiteboard and torch. Then you shine the torch on the paper that is floating over the whiteboard then you get a shadow puppet. Then we had lunch and play. After that we learnt about the 4th pillar of Islam named Sawm in RE. We learnt a bit about it then we got to make a Poem/Rap/Song and choose our groups. Then we had assembly and home time.

Tuesday: First we had finishing of work. Then FIF and RR and maths. In maths we where learning about Number sense again. We were doing missing number questions. Then we had Play. After play we did grammar, we were building sentences with main clauses, adjectives, Subordinate clauses and relative clauses. Then we did editing a page from the letters of the lighthouse book. Then we had lunch and play. After we had our Harvest assembly that lasted quite a long time but it was fine. Then we had home time.

Wednesday: At the start of the day we had music, in music we are learning the Glockenspiel the evens did it this week. The odds did Henry Moore art. After we had French we where learning about French towns. then we had playtime. After play we had FIF and RR then maths. In maths we got to use lots of different resources. then we had spelling and did dictation and four in a row. We had lunch and play. Then had English when we where writing and typing up our evacuee writing. Then it was home time.

Thursday: First we had finishing of work and FIF and RR. Then we had maths. In maths we got to use different resources again. Then we had spelling in spelling we did choose the right word, team teach and orange words. We then made some more shadow puppets for Science. These were based on WW2 and we could work in pairs or groups. 

Friday: We started with FiF and RR, then Maths where we had a picture with missing numbers to solve. Then we talked through the home learning and quizzed each other on our spellings from last week. After play we had netball in outdoor PE, where we continued our netball tournament and practised our shooting. Then we had our WW2 Project Exhibition where we showcased all of our project home learning. The Year 5 class, Mrs Scott, Miss Barrett, Mrs Phillips and Mrs Killey came to have a look too. After lunch we looked at each others work and shared the delicious cakes and cheese twists, then we had RSHE before assembly and home time. 


By Robyn and Sophia

Maths learning with manipulatives