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Heron class blog - week 4

Week 4:

On Monday:

We did indoor P.E, we are currently learning the lindy hop. The class were doing lifts and having a lot of fun and enjoyment between the class. Also we were finding out what is needed in a sentence, like for instance: The girl brushed her hair. Then we turn it into: The young, sad girl brushed her wavy, frizzy hair. 

On Tuesday:

We learned about evacuees, the whole class found this lesson very interesting as our topic is WW2 laugh . We also are allowed to have computers to learn coding and how to play scratch.

On Wednesday:

Today we did music and we played the glockenspiel with our music teacher Simon. For topic we learned about the blackout.

On Thursday:

MRS BARBERS BABY MILLY CAME IN. And some people were practising cross country. In Science we learnt about refraction and reflection with experiments.

On Friday:

We had outdoor PEheart and we also learned about arranged marriage and forced marriages and the different types of people like transgender and love like bisexual, lesbian ect.


This week we also started reading with the Year ones which we are going to continue to do! smiley


By Tommy and Fran.yes