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Week 1 01.03.22

Week 1 The Circle of Life


Although this week has been shorter, we have had a great and very busy first week back after the half term!

We reflected on our previous learning of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and a butterfly’s life cycle. This lead to a discussion on ‘minibeasts’… What are minibeasts?

A “Maybe they are really small?” D “A wiggly worm?” E “They live in the mud, like under a log!”

We had some wonderful ideas and we were eager to explore so we conducted our own minibeast hunt in our outside area…


After our minibeast hunt, we discussed what we had found; snails, slugs, woodlice, flies and centipedes. We enjoyed a BBC Bitesize clip which explained that all minibeasts are animals which do not have a backbone! We were fascinated by this and noticed that some have shells to protect them instead! We enjoyed finding out lots of various facts about different minibeasts :) We then had a circle time discussion on the importance of minibeasts and how we could help and protect them. We will now place any of our left over fruit into the class compost bin for the minibeasts to enjoy. Hopefully the compost created will help us in the future to plant some flowers for other animals to enjoy in the summer!


In phonics, we have revisited all of our taught Set 1 sounds. We are now using these sounds to read words which contain 4 sounds e.g. help, frog, swim etc. We have learnt that some of the sounds in the word are really close together, known as adjacent consonants e.g. fr in frog or dr in dress. We had a go at reading some of these words and then worked in pairs to segment some of these words on our whiteboards. It was a challenge but we all showed great resilience with our writing!


We thoroughly enjoyed celebrating World Book Day this week too! We had the opportunity to discuss our favourite stories and characters; play games e.g. guess the story from emoji clues, write about the character we had dressed up as and share stories with the children in Dove Class – It was a wonderful day!


Lastly, we were extremely excited when we had a special delivery of some very hungry caterpillars on Thursday! We are looking forward to observing their changes over the next few weeks and, hopefully, watch 5 painted lady butterflies emerge very soon!