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Week 5 23.05.22

Week 5 Once Upon a Time…


The case of the missing giant has been solved and he has returned safely to Fairy Tale Land! We were surprised to discover how upset the giant was when he was found by Detective Fairy. We started to share our ideas on why he could be feeling this way… We remembered the story of Jack climbing up the beanstalk and snatching the giant’s gold coins, his hen which laid golden eggs and the golden, magical harp! It made us think about how we would feel if someone took our favourite belongings. We decided that we needed to help the giant!


We all had wonderful ideas on how to help the giant and Jack and how the pair would need to listen to each other so they could try and understand each other’s actions. As a class, we were also reminded of the importance of listening and talking to others during the ‘paperchain challenge!’ For this activity, we had to find a partner and then spend the whole of our playful learning session together as we were joined by a paperchain! It reminded us of how important it is to use our words, listen to others and consider someone else’s feelings. Some of us mentioned how difficult it was because we had to consider someone else when moving around the classroom. However, the majority of us enjoyed the experience of making new friends and trying something new!


After our experience and reminder of how to form friendships, we created a ‘friendship guide’ for both Jack and the giant and we hope they will be able to find a solution and become good friends! Now we have reached the end of our time with the story of Jack and the beanstalk, we are left to wonder if we’ll meet another fairy tale character and their story soon…


To end the week, we enjoyed the early celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee; learning facts about the Queen, playing Queen Bingo and a whole school picnic in the afternoon – We all had a wonderful time!


Have a restful half term break everyone and we look forward to seeing you again in June :)