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Stone Age Forest School

Dove class had a brilliant, but somewhat wet day out at Seeley Copse forest school at Goodwood.

The children got the chance to try out some of the skills our prehistoric ancestors would have used to survive.


On arrival, we walked to the campfire area, and learned how to make fire by striking metal together. It was quite tricky, but some of us picked it up really quickly!


The weather took a turn for the worse, so our forest school leader Sarah suggested we warm up with a hot chocolate- it was very welcome!


After that, we split into groups to learn other skills. We learned how to build a shelter from sticks and leaves, we needed it in the rain! We also learned how to make a basic bread called damper bread, and baked it on the campfire. We also sawed wood and made a wooden necklace. Sarah also showed us how to make a basic bow and arrow, just like they would have done in ancient times.


After lunch we had a tour of the dairy, and met some calves that were only a few days old- what a special treat!

All in all, we had a fun day, although we did return to school in a very soggy state! The children were amazing and didn’t complain about the weather at all (but maybe the grown-ups did!)