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End of KS1 Assessments

Throughout May 2023, our Year 2 pupils will be completing a range of 'tests' called SATs which allow us at Bramber to see the attainment and progress of the children over the last two years. 


At Bramber, we call these tests "quizzes" and keep it very low-key! We do not want the children to worry about completing these tests at all and as they are so used to working with a teacher, they often do not even know the 'SATs' are happening! The quizzes will take place in a quiet, familiar space with Miss O'Hara in small groups. 


There are two mathematics quizzes: reasoning and arithmetic, and two reading comprehension papers. There is also an optional grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) test for schools to do but the results of this GPS paper does not need to be submitted. 

We will submit the results of these assessments to the DfE and inform parents of your child's progress and attainment, as we always do, at the end of the year. 


We assess our pupils in a number of ways throughout their time in school. This is often as simple as asking questions and talking with the children about their learning. Formal assessments such as SATs are one part of a big picture.

KS1 Assessment Info

This 6-minute video provides information for parents about the Key Stage 1 tests.

How can I help my child?

Nothing should change from your normal home learning routine in preparation for SATs in KS1.

We will continue to update Google Classroom with weekly spellings. We encourage access to Numbots and TT Rockstars for children to continue to develop number fluency. Please continue to read regularly with your child, encouraging them to discuss the text and answer your questions. 


If you have any concerns or further questions, please get in contact with Miss O'Hara on the door or via the Office email.