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Heron class blog - week 5

Week 5:

This week in Maths we have learnt about 4 digit and 2 digit multiplication and word sequences with 2 digits times 2 digits 

in English we have been writing a first person evacuee letter home, interview and diary

in RE we have been learning about the 5 pillars of Islam this week we learnt the Zakat that is charity

in PE we continued to learn the lindy hop and started a netball tournament run by the Legacy leaders (Andy and Lola).

In Science we have been learning about refraction, reflection and the eye. We used a home-made periscope to look over the tables. 

In topic we have been learning about The Blitz and The Battle of Britain.  During The Blitz there was about 2 million bombs dropped on Britain, because of this many children were evacuated.

We have designed our own blackout posters to tell people to turn off their lights at a certain time so that the German planes can't see them.

In RSHE we have been learning about being safe with our bodies.


By Andy