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Week 7 14.02.22

Week 7 14.02.22 The Circle of Life; The Very Hungry Caterpillar

At the start of the week, we enjoyed stepping outside to look for living and non-living things…

E-“The tree is not alive because it’s got no leaves but this one does so maybe that one is alive?” A-“Ants are alive because they crawl” H-“I saw a bird, it was real because it was flying!” A-“Look, something is growing here, it’s alive!”

So many wonderful observations and discussions. We returned to the classroom to discuss the qualities which living things share e.g. growth, movement, nutrition, reproduction. We then reflected on the story we had read in the previous week; The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We realised the story was about a living thing and its life cycle from caterpillar to butterfly. We were able to order the 4 main stages of a butterfly’s life cycle with the help of the story. In our playful learning, we enjoyed creating our own life cycle of the butterfly.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar story has also supported our mathematics learning this week. We have spent time exploring pattern and symmetry. We enjoyed recognising pattern in songs and dances e.g. nod, clap and shake your hips (repeat) and noticing symmetry when observing butterfly wings!

We were also proud of ourselves for reaching the Treat 2 on our class Marble Jar by displaying our Bramber Values! We enjoyed every second of our treat which involved exploring the climbing equipment in the hall. We were all very sensible and kept ourselves safe while having amazing fun!

A wonderful end to our half term of super learning! We wish everyone a restful and fun half term break. We look forward to seeing everyone on March 1st :)