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Week 3

Despite the weather, we have had a great week of learning in Duckling Class! We have been talking about Autumn and observing the changes we see happening in our outdoor area. The children have been great and talking about what they have noticed and what they know already.


In Key groups we have been innovating the Gruffalo stories and created two new stories based on the book – The Buggalo and the Duckalo! The children’s ideas were fantastic and our new characters had ‘laser eyes’, ‘sausage toes’ and our favourite: ‘a giant bogey on the end of his nose’!


During our playful learning time we have been busy turning our home corner into the Gruffalo Café and the children have been creating their own versions of scrambled snake, roasted fox and owl ice cream to sell!


In our Maths sessions we have been looking at different representations of 5, such as five fingers on one hand or the pattern of five on the dice. We also learnt that 5 and 5 make 10 altogether.


In our circles times, we have continued to talk about how we are respectful and responsible in school and so many Ducklings have been showing this value this week that we have almost filled up our marble treat jar! We also read the story ‘Hands Are Not for Hitting’ and talked about how to develop good relationships by exploring how we can manage different feelings in a positive way.


On Thursday we were lucky to have a visit from the Fire Service and we learnt about the role of a fire fighter and took it in turns to spray water from the powerful hose!


Finally on Friday we learnt all about our senses and together went on a walk in the woodland area to explore these senses further and to try and describe what we could see, feel, hear and smell. Fabulous learning Ducklings!