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 This week we have been learning about rocks.

First, we looked closely at a rock and we noticed that it had black, white and pinky brown specks. We found out that these are tiny minerals. We could also see that it sparkled and that was the crystals in the rock. We used a pipette and dropped water onto the rock. It just stayed on top of it, it didn’t absorb the water. This means it is non-permeable. We also used a paper clip to see if we could mark the rock, we couldn’t. This rock was granite which is an igneous rock. An igneous rock is made from lava that has cooled down.

Next, we looked at another rock. It was different. It was crumbly and brown and sandy. When we dropped water on to it, the rock absorbed it. This means it is permeable. We could also mark the rock with a paper clip. This rock was sandstone which is a sedimentary rock. A sedimentary rock is made from lots of tiny pieces of broken up rocks and also soil, dead animals and plants that have been pushed together to make rock