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W.B. 06.06.22

Week 1 Once Upon a Time… Goldilocks


We’ve jumped straight back into our topic learning of ‘Once Upon a Time’ this week…


A piece of ribbon found in a tree… Long, curly hair… A note saying ‘I’m sorry’ found next to a post box…


These were all clues that were sent to us via Detective Fairy. They informed us that another fairy tale character had gone missing in Fairy Tale Land and they were in need of our help again!


We reflected on some well-known stories that we had read before… S: “Possibly Winnie the Pooh? He loves honey and piglet puts bows in his hair” E: “Maybe the witch from Room on a Broom, she has really long hair!”

Ah! Curly locks and an apology… We all know someone who went wandering in the woods and entered someone’s property without asking… GOLDILOCKS!

We were right and we thoroughly enjoyed retelling her story this week to help us understand why she was hiding and why a note was left which said ‘sorry’!


Goldilocks wrote to our class and asked if we would help her, just like we helped Jack and the giant. Of course, we agreed to help! She was eager to apologise to the bears for all the trouble she had caused. She has gathered some milk for the three bear’s porridge as a way of saying sorry. But, she had no containers for each of the bears… We were set the challenge of finding the container with the largest capacity to hold the milk for Daddy Bear… A middle-size container for Mummy Bear and the smallest container for Baby Bear’s milk. We got stuck in with our challenge and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to explore the different sized containers with water play! *Warning! Splash zone!*


Through our discoveries in play, we realised that the tallest container may not always hold the most water. We also explored the width of the containers and discussed how there was more space for the water – A brilliant discovery! We even used non-standard units (plastic cups) to count how many cups it would take to fill a container!


Wow! What a busy week. We have also made time to learn two new sounds in phonics; ‘or, shut the door’ and ‘air, that’s not fair’ – another special friend containing three letters which make one sound!


A great first week back Ducklings, we look forward to more learning adventures next week!