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Using micro-bits to make name badges

Still image for this video
Have a look at the video and pictures below to see Year 5 using small computers called micro-bits and code to create their own name badges.

Using the micro-bits to make name badges

Year 5 trip to South Downs Planetarium

Jasmyn's Grandad visited us and spoke to us about Hinduism

Today Jasmyn's Grandad brought in some artifacts linked to Hinduism for us to see. One was a puppet and he also brought a necklace with 109 beads and a Djembe drum.  He got us all involved by smelling incense and playing the drum.  He told us a story about Lord Sheba and then he got us to do a sacred mantra.

Year 5 Space Day!

We had lots of fun on Monday learning about space.


We played games to learn the order of the planets, shared our favourite space things from home, made space art using paint and fineliners, learned about the phases of the moon with oreo biscuits and played a race to the galaxy cooperative game.


Here's to lots more exciting learning about space!