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Week 6 04.04.22

Week 6 The Circle of Life; Grandparents 


Wow, what an extremely busy week Duckling Class have had! 


We started the week by noticing the final stage of our butterflies life cycle; the butterfly stage! It was amazing to observe the painted lady butterflies as they emerged from their chrysalis and comment on their beautiful wings; so much colour and pattern! 

We talked about caring for living things and how it was important to think about the needs of others. We knew that the kindest thing we could do for the butterflies, would be to release them safely into the wild. On Tuesday, we said goodbye to three of our butterflies. We noticed that one butterfly was not quite ready to fly so we returned it to the butterfly pavilion for a few extra days of food and rest. 


After saying goodbye to our butterflies, we reflected on other life cycles we've explored during our Circle of Life topic. We remembered that we are going through our own life cycle. We enjoyed measuring our height again on our class height chart and comparing how much we've grown since the autumn term. 


We also talked about how much we have changed in 4 and 5 years and what we've experienced. This lead to our discussion on the past and how childhood and schooling has also changed throughout the decades. We used a timeline to show main events which happened way before we were born and that have impacted our lives today e.g. development of technology, space discoveries and the monarchy. 


On Thursday afternoon, we invited our Grandparents into school to share with us their experience of school and childhood. It was lovely to talk, share and learn together and compare similarities and differences! We also enjoyed treating our Grandparents to a sing song performance of our topic songs; If I were a Minibeast and Spring Chicken. 

We hope our Grandparents enjoyed the afternoon at school as much as we did! We are truly grateful to everyone who shared lots of photos, toys and experiences with us - Thank you again Grandparents! 


Well, to end an extraordinary week of learning, we celebrated achieving our Treat 3 on our class marble jar! We had a surprise Easter egg hunt - lots of fun! 


Well done Ducklings for a super half term of learning! Enjoy your well-deserved rest with your loved ones and we look forward to more learning discoveries after Easter! 


Happy Easter everyone :)