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Spring Term- What have Dove class been up to?

We sold chocolates to all the grown ups in school. We made the packaging appealing so they would buy them. We raised money for charity.

We made packaging for chocolates in design technology. We did a lot of research first and then designed our own. 

In science we have been learning about healthy eating. In history we have been learning about the Mayan people and found out about their diet. They ate a lot of fruit and maize and they made tortillas. We decided to make our own tortillas and decided that the Mayan people had a healthy diet.

Our Spring term has been full of fabulous learning. We have been inspired by Roald Dahl and created new characters who could find a Golden ticket. We have learnt about Henri Rousseau and created rainforest art. We even found parcels full of chocolate with Golden tickets and had to guess where they came from. In maths we enjoyed solving problems that were set in a chocolate factory. Have a look at our photos.

Spring Term