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Week 3

We had a brilliant time at Arundel Wetland Centre on Wednesday, learning about the wildlife around us. We enjoyed going out on the boats in small groups and we were introduced to some of the different species of birds found there. We took part in a ‘Woodland Wonders' workshop and learnt to identify the birdsong from some of the birds we might find in our gardens. We also went on a nature colour hunt and made beautiful paint easels using the colours all around us in the sensory garden. After lunch we went pond dipping and used our spotter guides to try and identify what we had caught. We thoroughly enjoyed our day but were quite tired by the end and some of the Ducklings enjoyed a well-earned nap on the coach home!


On Thursday we looked at the photos from the trip together and took it in turns to talk about what we had done, what we had learnt and what we had enjoyed the most.


At the end of the week we enjoyed talking about the upcoming King’s Coronation and took part in the whole school assembly and some fun activities in the classroom to celebrate the occasion.