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In Geography we have been learning about the five oceans on the earth. We learned that the world is 70% water. We had clues about what each ocean was called and worked in pairs to solve the name of each ocean. We collaborated our ideas and Mrs Holmes was very impressed that we had correctly named the oceans! 


Next we labelled and coloured our own smaller maps to show where the oceans were. We learned a fun song to help us remember the names of the oceans and some facts about each one. 


We are revising what we learned in Year 1 about the seven continents and we completed research projects in groups about one continent, then presented what we found out so the class could be experts like we were. 


We will be comparing the differences between the human and physical features of Antarctica and the UK and asking the big question: where would you rather live, the UK or Antarctica? Why? 



Look at the determination!