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Week 2 10.01.22

Week 2 10.01.22 Lost and Found


As we entered the classroom on Monday morning, we noticed a penguin sat on our class step! A penguin in our classroom?! How unusual! But, straight away we started to share our thoughts and ideas as to why this penguin was in our classroom and what we already know about penguins;


A-‘They live in water’ H-‘I saw a video about penguins, I think they live in Antarctica!’ A-‘They live in igloos’ T-‘They live in cold places’ A-‘They don’t like the hot sun’ T-‘Maybe it’s hungry and it’s come to school to get some fish’


It was clear that we already had some great ideas and facts about penguins! As we looked closer at the step, we realised the penguin had a story; Lost and Found. We read the first few pages and identified some similarities with our findings… ‘Once there was a boy and one day he found a penguin at his door…’
We stopped half way through the story as the boy was eager to help the penguin home, just like us!


We used non-fiction books and the internet to find out as many facts as we could about penguins. We identified that the penguin was an Emperor penguin and they live in Antarctica! We now had to use a world map to find Antarctica and decide how we would get there. These discussions led to us briefly looking into the history of transport and how technology has changed travel over time - We realised that it would be extremely difficult to get to Antarctica using a horse and carriage!


On the topic of transport, we had the opportunity to explore Bee-bots, a robot, which involved us inputting a set of instructions to move the Bee-bot from one position to another. We had a world map drawn on our classroom table and we had great fun watching the Bee-Bot move across the continents.


Alongside our topic learning, we have found time to introduce three more Set 1 sounds in phonics; l, h and r. We are loving the opportunity to apply our learning of these sounds when reading and writing!


In our number learning, we have spent time exploring number bonds to 5 with the help of the Makaton song; 5 Little Penguins. As some of the penguins fell into the water, we noticed part of 5 still remained on land whilst the other part was in the water e.g. 3 penguins on the ice and 2 in the water, 3+2=5. It was also great fun to learn a few more Makaton signs!


How much learning can Ducklings fit into one week?! We have been very busy bees! We are excited to commence our journey across the world to safely deliver the penguin back to Antarctica – First stop, France! Off we go…