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Heron class blog - week 14

Week 14

English: in English we have been continuing with our four week topic about the 1940s to the 2000s. This was the last week of the project so everyone was trying their hardest to achieve finishing their project.


Maths: in Maths we have been using protractors to make triangles and finding out the different nets of a cube.


PE: in PE we have been doing Hip-hop and football learning how to work as a team in a match.


Grammar: in grammar we have been learning about active and passive and when to recognise them.


Art: in art we have been doing Andy Warhol prints in our own style.


Our carol concert: on Tuesday we had a carol concert for all the parents to see and listen to our singing. After we all went home.


Bramber's Got Talent: in Bramber's Got Talent we watched everyone on zoom there was dance, comedy and musical talents and it was a lot of fun.


By Martha.