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Week 2

Week 2



For our first lesson we learnt about the four types of sentences: commands, statements, exclamations and questions. In mathematics we did ratio and proportion. We did spelling games and skill challenges I did make some music. In SPAG focus we recapped on word classes. We also did a reading comprehension called an Encounter at Sea. For our final activity we did sketches of Greek pottery.



When it was samba we played drums, ago go bells, tamberims and snare drums. We recapped sports in French. in mathematics we learnt algebra and it was surprisingly a lot more easy then we thought. In geography we located Greece on google maps and Earth.



In SPAG focus we were learning on how to use subordinating clauses. In mathematics we learnt about finding missing angles. We also practised colons and semi-colons. We had PE in the afternoon and played cricket outside. 



In SPAG focus we were learning inserting commas into sentences. In mathematics we learnt about calculating measurements and answered some problems. We finished our reading comprehension and marked it. Then did a Grammar booster session. After lunch we did some Geography, labelling Greece and the main geographical features of it. 


By Noah and Fin