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Heron class blog - week 1

Friday and Week 1


This week in Maths we have been learning about place value. To help us with our learning we used concrete resources such as; dienes, multilink, place value counters and cuisenaire rods. We played some fun games including guess the number and bingo.


In English this week we read Rose Blanche and we continued the next page of the story in our own style.  We also did the art for our next page. When we read the book we noted the words we thought would be good for our next page.


In Science we started learning about light and shadows and how it goes through some objects but not others. We found out it only goes in a straight line and you can change the colour of it by putting coloured filters in front of it.


For our topic lesson we had a stunning start when we pretended to be evacuees from WW2. We learnt about the outbreak of WW2 and how it started. 


In RE we learnt about Islam and how the religion has one eternal god. The woman wear burkhas, niqabs and hijabs. Burkhas cover there entire body but cover the eyes with a mesh, the niqabs cover there whole body except the eyes and the hijab just covers the head and leaves the face open. Men do have to dress formal but they don't have to cover there body or face.  


In PE this week we learnt the hop kick which is part of the lindy hop. in outdoor PE we learnt netball and its three passes.


By R and N