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Week 2 03.05.22

Week 2 School Trip to Arundel Wetlands Centre

On Wednesday 4th May, we finally had the opportunity to experience our first school trip. We were so excited to travel, by coach, to Arundel and explore the wetlands.

We learnt so much from our trip guide and through our first hand experiences of the wetlands which included a safari boat experience, exploration of the sensory garden and observing various birds in their natural habitats.

We made wonderful links from our learning at school throughout our trip; remembering living things go through a life cycle as we noticed some adorable goslings, we discussed the importance of camouflage to keep the animals safe and how we could identify a bird from another animal. Our guide taught us all about how birds feed using their impressive and unique beaks – We even enjoyed a game which involved us pretending to be a bird’s tasty treat!

On our trip, we were joined by lots of lovely helpers, including Miss Booker’s dad, who was very impressed by how respectful, kind and enthusiastic we are in Duckling Class! A few visitors at the centre also commented on our class and how well we listened and respected our surroundings.

Well done Ducklings for being superstars throughout the whole trip, we are very proud of you and we hope you thoroughly enjoyed the experience at Arundel Wetlands too :)