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Week 2

Another week and a new mission! On Monday morning, we arrived at school to discover a baby penguin in our classroom! We all thought this was very unusual and as we looked closer, we realised that the penguin had a story with him – Lost and Found. In the story a little boy finds a penguin just like us and helps him home. We decided we would need to try and help our penguin home too and so we started to share all the things we know about penguins:


H – They live in the Antarctic, at the top of the universe, E – They like swimming, A – They are the only birds that can’t fly, S- They slide on their bellies and live in igloos! D – They eat fish, E – They sit on their babies, they need to keep them warm.


It was clear that we already had some great ideas and facts about penguins but we needed to find out a bit more so we used non-fiction books and the internet to find out as many facts as we could about penguins. We identified that the penguin was an Emperor penguin and they live in Antarctica! We then had to use a world map to find Antarctica and decide how we would get there. These discussions led to us looking into the history of transport and how technology has changed travel over time.


In our outdoor learning area it has rained and rained but that hasn’t dampened our spirits and, on the contrary, we have had lots of fun splashing, sweeping, catching rain, building bridges, mixing mud pies that we were a tiny bit disappointed when it stopped!


We are now really excited for next week when we will commence our journey across the world to safely deliver the penguin back to Antarctica. First stop - France!