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Week 6 07.02.22

Week 6 07.02.22 The Circle of Life; The Very Hungry Caterpillar


At the beginning of this week we discovered some mysterious creatures trapped in ice! We were given the mission of removing the ice safely and quickly, to free the trapped creatures. We shared our thoughts on how to do this…


A-“Maybe we could use warm water because it will melt the ice!” T-“The radiator is hot, we could put it next to it!” H-“Put it in the sun because it’s hot!” S-“Maybe put a woolly hat on it because it keeps me warm!”


Lots of wonderful suggestions so we decided to carry out an experiment to see which idea would be the quickest way of melting the ice. We observed the ice throughout the experiment, noticing changes to its appearance and the discovery of water in the tray! After nearly an hour of observations, the warm water had melted the ice and an insect was freed! The next day, we were amazed to see the ice remained in the woolly hat and this sparked a conversation on insulators!


With the success of our experiment, we were able to discover the clues for our next learning topic… Inside the ice we found lots of different bugs and this introduced the title of our new topic; ‘The Circle of Life’

We have started our new topic by sharing the well-known story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ We have read this story numerous times throughout the week and we have enjoyed retelling the story with the support of Makaton signs. We’re interested to see how this story will link to our learning topic in the upcoming weeks :)


In number learning, we have spent time exploring the numbers bonds to 10. We have used part whole models, ten frames and our hands to discover two numbers which make 10. In phonics, we are now learning about ‘special friends’ – two letters, making one sound e.g. sh and ch! We are now remembering to check for ‘special friends’ when reading a new word before we Fred talk and read the whole word – super learning!