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Week 2 08.11.21

Week 2
Rhyming with Julia Topic


This week we have enjoyed re-reading the book ‘The Gruffalo’ and learning to identify words that rhyme within the story e.g. house and mouse / wood and good / snake and lake. In our classroom, we changed our home corner into a café inspired by our topic: The Deep Dark Woods Café! The café sells some well-known favourites; owl ice-cream, roasted fox, scrambled snake and Gruffalo crumble!


We have been applying our learning of numbers to help us carefully count how many items we would like to buy from the café – Remembering the 3 Counting Rules:

  1. Count every object once (place objects in a line to ensure no object is counted twice)
  2. Say the numbers in order (1,2,3,4,5…)
  3. The last number is how many there are altogether ( :) :) :) There are 3 smiley faces)

In our phonics learning we have been introduced to the i,n,p sounds! We are starting to apply our learning of these sounds to read green words e.g. i-t it/ p-i-n pin.


In our circle times, we have been focusing on the Bramber Value: Respectful and Responsible. We have discussed how it is our responsibility to look after our classroom and we listed some ways in which we could do this; ‘put things back in the right place’ ‘teamwork – working together at tidy up time’ We are trying our very best to take care of all the lovely resources we have in our classroom!


This week we also experienced our first fire drill practise – We walked sensibly and silently to our designated safe area on the field and called out our names to let our teacher know we were all safe and sound –
Mrs Scott was very impressed with how well Ducklings coped with their first fire drill –
Well done Duckling Class :)