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Week 4 16.05.22

Week Four Once Upon a Time…


On Monday morning, we were shocked to discover some oversized footprints in our classroom! We immediately made the link to our topic story; Jack and the Beanstalk and assumed that the footprints could belong to largest character in the story; the giant!


Luckily, on Wednesday, we received an email from a ‘Detective Fairy’ who explained a giant was missing from ‘Fairy Tale Land’ and asked if we would like to help find the giant. We quickly came up with the idea of creating WANTED posters so we could let others know that a giant was nearby. We shared our ideas on how we imagined the giant to look e.g. he has sharp claws, big feet, red eyes and long arms! We used our describing words to write a short description of the giant on our WANTED posters. We remembered what a sentence needs; capital letter, finger spaces & a full stop!


Our WANTED posters have been displayed around the school with the hope that someone will spot a giant and they can be returned to Fairy Tale Land safely!


We have learnt two new sounds this week, some more special friends; ‘oo, poo at the zoo’ and ‘oo, look at a book!’ We noticed that both special friends have the same letters but, depending on the word, will make a different sound e.g. a bouncy ‘oo’ in book and a stretchy ‘oo’ in food!


We have also spent time learning more teen numbers this week – numbers which are made up of one 10 and some extra ones… We have met 16, 17 and 18! We have loved the challenge of finding the most ways of making the numbers, for example 17 = 4+4+4+4+1 or 18 = 9+9


On Friday, we decided that it was the right time to release our tadpoles, froglets and frogs into the wild. We have thoroughly enjoyed observing the changes to the tadpoles over the last few months and it’s been fascinating to watch them transform and grow! We wish them lots of luck and happiness in their new home which is our school pond and we hope to see them again soon :)


We hope everyone enjoys a good rest this weekend so we’ll be ready to (hopefully) complete the search for the missing giant next week :)