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Week 1

Week 1 - Welcome Back!


We have all enjoyed being back together in school this week and have spent time sharing our Christmas adventures. It has been lovely to hear what everyone has been doing over the festive season.


As this is our first week back, we spent time revisiting our Bramber Values and classroom rules and remembering that they keep us safe, happy and learning well. We have also been talking about Winter and sharing the changes we have observed recently. We discussed some of the things we love about Winter – which included snuggling under a warm blanket, drinking hot chocolate and the chance of snow!


In Expressive Arts and Design we explored how to transform familiar natural objects using paint and pattern with some lovely results. Outdoors, the Ducklings made obstacle courses which challenged their balance, coordination and jumping skills!

This week we have also started new phonics groups and are enjoying recapping our sounds and practising writing and reading words in these sessions.  


During circle time, we have talked about the custom of making New Year’s resolutions and what this meant. The children then shared their thoughts and ideas on their own New Year’s resolutions:

A – I’d like to make more friends

A – Not to get too much Lego because I’ve got too much at the moment!

O – I’m going to start having a bath with my sister

E – To love more people . H- That makes your heart bigger!

L – I’m going to drink more water

D – I want to make the biggest Hot Wheels in the world!

Some fantastic ideas for resolutions Ducklings, well done!


We wish you all a relaxing weekend and look forward to next week, which will bring the start to our new learning topic!