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Art and Design


At Bramber every child is an artist. We recognise that Art and Design stimulates creativity and imagination. We believe that all children can and should enjoy and appreciate the visual arts and that the arts provide a special way in which to engage children with the world around them. Our curriculum enables all children to explore, question and make through a range of experiences. These experiences are carefully planned to initiate, deepen and enhance learning.


Our curriculum at Bramber is unique to our school, linking Art and Design learning to our topics and themes where appropriate, but recognising that in order to develop all skills successfully, some of our Art and Design learning may be discrete. Children in our school use their sketchbooks to practise skills, explore ideas and document their learning journey.


At Bramber we believe that all children can communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of colour, texture, form, pattern, different materials and processes. We aim to develop critical thinking, freedom of expression and an increasing independence as our children progress through the school. We believe the visual arts can provide a unique opportunity to develop confidence, a sense of identity in our children and the opportunity to work collaboratively. The visual arts at Bramber should enrich our children’s lives now and in the future.


Our Art and Design curriculum enables our children to understand and respond to the world around them. To become true global citizens. We believe that our children should be introduced to artists, craftspeople and designers from their local area and the wider world, from a diversity of cultures and backgrounds and from contemporary society and the past. The aim is that through this, our children will understand the role, function and impact of art and design in a truly broad sense.