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Home Learning for Thursday 16th July 

English - Please continue with your Once Upon a Picture story. 


In September (almost a year ago!) we read and learned about the book Wonder. We loved the text and learned so much from the story. Think back to the message 'choose kind' and consider making a poster or lettering of the phrase to remind yourself of the kindness and friendship shown in the book. It's a great thing to think about as we come back to school in September: choosing to be kind to each other and to ourselves. You might like to make an acrostic of the word to decorate your letters with. 


See what some other children made:


C - Caring
H - Honesty
O - Optimistic
O - Open-Handed
S - Sympathetic
E - Empathy

K - Kind-Hearted
I - Integrity
N - Nice
D - Decency