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Environmental review

We did an environmental review to find out what we need to improve on as a school. We need to work on biodiversity, energy and marine.


These are the things we need to work on:


We need to make our playground more animal friendly, we need to give our children more of an opportunity to look for wildlife in our grounds,  we could put up QR codes around our school that tell people about the trees, plants and flowers in our grounds, we need to do a fundraise for endangered animals or conservation projects.



We need to put a ban on balloon releases and glitter. We need to have a ban or strong policy on laminating. We need to do a beach, river or canal litter pick. We need to commit a  fundraise for a marine charity. We need to find out what single use plastic we use in our grounds. We need to provide information to pupils and staff about plastic free lunches.


we need to keep our children updated on the use of energy around our school. We need to arrange an energy free day or week.

After this we found out we need to work hard on these three points to work towards the green flag award.


-Theodore & Bluebell


To get our school involved we did an assembly to share our ideas to make our school more eco, our mission as eco committee is to help our environment, in our assembly we explained how everyone can help at home or outside school, we encouraged children to become eco warriors. Here are some of the ideas we have given our young children.

. Remember to turn of lights if you aren’t using and remind parents to do the same. 

. Recycle plastic correctly, use recycled paper to make art. Don’t use glitter!

. Litter picking your local areas.

. Encourage adults to turn off their engines outside school.  

 We talked about our three subjects that we need to work on the most: energy, biodiversity and marine, we have energy monitors in each classroom to turn off lights we aren’t using .there are already eco heroes in our school, litter picking and more. Please take photos of anything that you do.

Molly- Year 6

Year four learned about the carbon footprint with links to food

Eco top tips



On Friday 15th March, the school had an eco-day. The children and staff wore green and took part in activities to raise awareness of the issues affecting our planet. They also raised money for an endangered animal as voted for by the children. The votes revealed that the snow leopard was the winner and the money will be donated to the snow leopard trust.