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Spring Term

Clay Monster Eyes!

Look at these amazing clay monster eyes, that will inspire the children's writing next week. It has been awhile since the children have used clay, so we recapped how to prepare and look after clay while working, how to tap and turn it to form a base and how to roll, join and mark into clay to create texture and interest. It was lots of fun and each eye is so unique! 

Kingfisher class has recently been busy cooking up a storm with their Viking vegetable soups! In groups they had to research to find out what kind of vegetables the Vikings would have had access to and then try to figure out how to turn those ingredients into a tasty soup. They were all hugely successful and enjoyed tasting their yummy soups at lunch time! 

Typography and Maps Art Unit - Final Maps

The children took photographs of their final maps today after a few busy sessions making. They considered which parts of their map to photograph and the angle they wanted to take it from. There was such a range of ideas, emotions and feelings being communicated through these maps and it was lovely to see how maps mean more to our children now than they may have done previously. Look out for some outstanding use of typography as well. What a brilliant end to another really interesting unit of art learning. Well done Kingfishers! 

World Book Day

Some fab costumes in Kingfisher Class today and the highlight of the day was having time to buddy up with Year 2 children. We loved it so much, we are going to ask if it could be a regular event!

Design Workshop with Joe's Dad

A massive thank you to Joe's Dad - Andrew, who spoke to Kingfisher Class this afternoon about is career as a graphic designer. He gave the children a brief to design packaging for a cereal box and there were some amazingly creative designs. The children had lots of fun and I'm sure there are some budding designers amongst them!

Typography and Maps Art Unit - Looking at Maps

In this session we looked at how maps don't have to show us where to go. They can represent feelings, emotions, imaginary worlds etc. We looked at the work of Grayson Perry, Paula Scher and Chris Kenny who have all created maps for different reasons and to convey or communicate different ideas or emotions. We started to think about what our own maps might be like. Next session we will start to build our 3D visual maps. We are excited to use typography to enhance these maps. 

Typography and Maps Art Unit - Making Stronger Drawings for Visual Impact

In this session we looked at two drawing materials - charcoal and graphite pencils. We learned how they were made and how they differed in their properties. We explored the different grades of pencil and noticed the differences between the hard and black pencils. Some of us played with how pressure can produce different results. We then chose images we liked from books in the classroom to draw onto 'busy' backgrounds such as printed maps. The aim being to create strong drawings using our knowledge of the drawing materials.

Typography and Maps Art Unit - Exploring Typography

In these sessions the children played with cutting paper to create letters, with many taking on amazing 3d forms and literally jumping off the page! They then moved onto taking inspiration from things around them to create their own drawn letters. Some came up with a style and tried to create the alphabet, some were inspired to make certain words or their names and others made letters based on shapes they made out of materials, such as hinges and chains. They are just so creative and I was so amazed by what they had produced! 

Typography and Maps Art Unit - What is Typography?