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Week 1 01.11.21

Week 1

The start of our new topic… Rhyming with Julia!

What an exciting start to the half term we have had in Duckling Class! On Wednesday we discovered mysterious prints in our outside area. We used magnifying glasses to have a closer look at the prints and suggest some ideas on who the prints could belong to.

A “They are leading into the bushes, it might be a bear!” S “It might be a brachiosaurus!” K “I think a wolf, I think I just saw it!” A “A fox cause of its big claws!”


We had so many interesting ideas and we decided that we needed to do a little more research. We discovered that we could find out information by using an information book or the internet. We looked at books to do with animals that may live in woodland habitats and we typed a few questions into Google to find some answers on animal tracks.


On Thursday we returned to school to find more tracks and each one was very different.
H commented “that slithery one looks like a snake cause it has no feet!” B “I think those little footprints could be a squirrel because they’re little!” A “maybe a mouse because of the tiny footprints!”

On Friday morning we discovered a pile of leaves on our classroom step and a note. The note had a riddle on it which we had to solve… We went outside and discovered more riddles, describing different animals; could it be a bird or a snake or a mouse… The final clue asked us to check the garden shed. As we opened the door we discovered… THE GRUFFALO! We thoroughly enjoyed sharing the Gruffalo’s story, many of us knew the story well and even joined in with the re-telling.


We have been introduced to the well-known author of the Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson. She has written many popular books and each one contains many words that rhyme. Through sharing many of her stories, we will be learning about rhyme and seeing if we can hear and identify words that rhyme in her stories and many others.



Ducklings have now been introduced to 5 sounds – m,a,s,d,t – We are having a go at blending some of the sounds together to read Green words e.g. d-a-d dad! m-a-t mat! We have learnt that the Green words are helpful because each letter makes the right sound. However, we have been introduced to one Red, Tricky word this week– I! We discussed how the Red words are tricky because not every letter will make the right sound. I is one that we will keep practising and learn by sight - we will use it a lot when writing about ourselves :)



We have learnt 5 sounds in phonics and we are learning all about the number 5 in maths – super link! We are enjoying the opportunity to count up to 5 carefully, exploring different ways to make 5 and learning how to form the written numeral. We have enjoyed singing a few well-known songs that involve 5 e.g. 5 little ducks, 5 little monkeys etc.


A wonderful week of learning and we look forward to finding out what next week will bring :)