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Week 1

We arrived back to school this week to discover our role-play area had transformed into a little cottage for three bears, complete with three bowls of porridge, three different sized chairs and three different beds. We listened to the Goldilocks and the Three Bears traditional tale and learnt actions to go along with the story. Later that day, we watched and listened carefully as we learnt how to draw a family of three bears and we all had a go at drawing and labelling our own three bears. As the week went on we drew our own story maps to help us retell the story and we acted it out together, everyone talking turns to bring the story to life.


When we arrived at school on Wednesday morning, we realised something mysterious had happened. Baby bear’s chair was broken and someone had been sleeping in his bed!! All became clear after we received an email from Detective Fairy who explained that Goldilocks had gone missing from Fairy Tale land – could she be the culprit?? The Ducklings set to work writing wanted posters and putting them up around the school to make sure everyone new that Goldilocks was on the loose and to be on the lookout.


Later on that day, the ducklings had a go at cooking their own porridge in the community room. They helped to read the recipe, pour and stir the ingredients and add fruit toppings before tasting the delicious porridge.


On Thursday, Goldilocks got in touch to say that she was feeling very sad because everyone in Fairy tale land was cross with her. She asked for our advice and the Ducklings thought long and hard about what she should do. Everyone agreed that Goldilocks needed to apologise and we talked about and practised how to say sorry in a meaningful way. We decided to write letters to Goldilocks to let her know what to do. The adults were very impressed with the Ducklings kindness and empathy and I’m sure Goldilocks will be happy to hear their advice. Well done Ducklings!