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Heron class blog - week 3

Week 3


This week in Maths we played an addition and subtraction game it was an great and we got on very well. There were questions on the board that we wrote the answers to in our maths books.

Also we did indoor PE, we did a dance called the lindy hop and at the end we showed our dances that we came up with.

We came back to the classroom and in English we started our Declaration of War speeches.

Then at the end of the day we did RE the 5 pillars of Islam and we wrote about every individual pillar.


We started with Maths which was a bit like yesterday but with bar models. Next was English we continued with the Decalration of War speech.   In Art we added colour to our Rose Blanche artwork to make it beautiful, in our own ways. During computing we learned about variables in games in our Scratch program.


For music half the class had a Glockenspiel lesson with Simon while the other half of the class worked on their own Henry Moore inspired art. In French we learned about the different places in a town. Some children had library time in the afternoon. We read our class text book, Letters from the Lighthouse


In Science we looked at how our eyes work.  We used mirrors to look at our tear ducts and how our pupils react to light and dark. In English we were editing our Declaration of War speeches and looked at punctuation in our writing.


We played Netball in outdoor PE, learning about some new game rules. We had a music lesson where we were singing to the song 'Happy', and we learned to sing in different parts. We had RSHE where we talked about changes and things that happen in life and we were answering questions up on the board.  At the end of the day we had Appreciation Assembly.

By Henry and Michaela