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Week 5 31.01.22

Week 5 31.01.22 Lost and Found


We finally made it! On Monday, we arrived at the coldest, windiest continent in the world… Antarctica!


We loved using our imagination to picture what it would be like to walk along the ice and imagine all the wonderful sights we would see; glaciers, icebergs, a colony of Emperor penguins… The colony which we would return our penguin to. Although, we enjoyed our penguin’s company across the world, we discussed how it is important for animals to live in their natural habitat to help with their survival and quality of life!


After saying goodbye to the penguin and before we returned home, we had a quick trip to Asia to explore the country, China. We learnt that China were celebrating a special event this week; Chinese New Year. It was fascinating to learn why they celebrated their New Year at a different time of the year and discover the ways in which they celebrate; cleaning the house prior to the celebrations, receiving gifts in red envelopes and enjoying firework displays! We talked about how some of the traditions were similar to our own celebrations and some were different – Our world is full of so many people and places, it’s wonderful to explore and learn :)


So, we have come to the end of our Lost and Found topic. We successfully returned the penguin home and along the way, discovered some remarkable places in the world! We are eager to see where our learning will take us next…