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Spring Term

Netball Competition

After their success at the Worthing area netball competition, our wonderful year 6 netball team qualified for the Southern area finals. There were 10 teams from all over the Southern area. They played their socks off and showed huge determination and ended up as runners up, only losing to Goring by 1 point. Well done to our fabulous year 6 team! 


To coincide with our Survival topic, 'On The Edge!', we wrote some excellent accounts of an iguana hatchling being chased by an army of racer snakes before writing our own entertaining and informative Survival Guides. If your thinking of being shipwrecked on a deserted island, the you need to read one (or all!) of Heron Class's Survival Guides.


Next, we had to act in role as detectives because there was crime scene in our school! It was clear after visiting the scene that someone had pushed Humpty Dumpty! But who? We had to scan the scene for clues.

Then, to help us understand how a detective story is structured we acted out freeze frames from one detective story ('Who pushed Humpty Dumpty') to help us write our own.


During this term, we have really been trying to get to grips with fractions! Here, we are investigating how to add fractions with different denominators using coloured rods.


This term, we have been learning about adaptation and evolution. We learnt about Darwin's theory of natural selection by using different items to represent different bird beaks. Which bird beak do you think was best designed to survive in their habitat?

We have also been learning about inherited and acquired characteristics. We showed are understanding thinking about Mr Men characters!


Alongside our Geography learning, we sketched and painted mountain ranges using water colours which were inspired by the artist Nicholas Roerich. Some photographs of work to follow!...