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Week 7

Phew! What a busy week! On Monday and Tuesday, The Ducklings performed in the Christmas Nativity and it was a great success! They thoroughly enjoyed wearing their costumes and singing beautiful songs. All of the grown-ups at school were extremely proud of them and the Ducklings were very proud of themselves too!


On Tuesday after the Nativity show, we discovered a large egg in our book corner, and we discussed ideas about where it could have come from and what might be inside. The next day, the egg had hatched and, where it had been, we discovered a storybook in its place… The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas! We thoroughly enjoyed listening to this story and talked about the important message that it teaches us: to be grateful for what we already have and that Christmas is about sharing time together with our family and friends and not just about presents!!


On Wednesday we enjoyed a special Christmas lunch together which was delicious! We later learnt about how Christmas was celebrated in the past and looked for similarities and differences between then and now.


On Thursday the Ducklings enjoyed watching the ‘Bramber’s Got Talent’ show and showed excellent listening and attention skills, impressing lots of the other Teaching staff! In the afternoon, they were very happy to celebrate reaching their first marble reward, by displaying our Bramber Values to fill theclass Marble Jar! They enjoyed every second of our treat which involved bringing in a toy from home to school. They were all very sensible and looked after toys while having fun playing and sharing them with their friends!


So after a very busy and exciting first term at school, we are all in need of a relaxing and joyful Christmas break! We look forward to welcoming Duckling Class back in January and we’re certain they will be just as eager and determined to learn more in the New Year :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!!