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Week 2 07.03.22

Week 2 The Circle of Life; Frogs


We started the week by revisiting our learning of minibeasts and reflecting on their importance for our environment. We thought it would be beneficial and kind to create some microhabitats for the minibeasts in our outside area. So, we designed and created our very own ‘Bug Hotel!’ We used lots of natural materials e.g. fallen leaves, grass, mud and sticks to create lots of small spaces for different minibeasts. Some of us made some welcome signs for the minibeasts! We can’t wait to see if we have any residents in our ‘Bug Hotel’ soon!


On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to search for minibeasts in a different habitat… Our school pond! We searched deep below the water surface to see what we could find. There were thousands of pond snails and we managed to spot a water louse too!


When we returned from our adventure, we reflected on our prior knowledge of ponds and discussed how frogs love the water too! We discovered that frogs are amphibians which means they can survive in water and on land. We started thinking about a frog’s life cycle and how a frog’s life begins in the water. After we finished our carpet time, we noticed that Miss Tanner and Miss Law had placed a container inside our sand tray. As we peered in and we noticed frogspawn and some tadpoles in the water! We are so excited that we are able to observe another life cycle in our classroom and we hope to keep our own diaries to record the changes which will occur over the next couple of weeks and months!


We’ve also explored some new numbers and red, tricky words this week; 11 and 12 and he, she, we, me and be! We noticed some patterns when learning, 11 and 12 are both made up of one 10 and 1 or 2 ones and we identified the ‘e’ was the tricky part in each red word, making it’s letter name ‘e’ instead of its sound.


Lots of remarkable learning this week and it’s great that we are making links in all areas of our learning – even noticing similarities and differences in the life cycles too!
Keep up the super learning Ducklings :)