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Week 3 09.05.22

Week 3 Once Upon a Time…


At the beginning of this week, we reflected on our ‘Circle of Life’ topic learning. We were given the challenge of planting and caring for our own ‘cress head’ We planted the cress seeds in a yogurt pot (decorated as a head) and decided where would be the best place for the plant to grow. We are observing the changes to the seeds and will take the responsibility for helping our cress to grow. We were also very fortunate to experience planting carrot seeds with a lovely parent helper. It was great to observe the similarities and differences with the cress and carrots seeds and we are eager to see which seed will germinate first!


Later in the day, after our hands on experience of planting seeds, we were amazed to discover some gold, sparkly seeds on Miss Booker’s chair. We were all curious about where they had come from and if something magical would happen if we planted them…


The next day, we entered our classroom and discovered the magical beans had grown into a plant that was as tall as our ceiling! We were all shocked and quickly started to share our thoughts and ideas: E “I think it’s a beanstalk, I’ve seen that in Jack and the Beanstalk” A “It must have grown from the magic beans!” L “I think it’s a clue for our new topic!”


We all noticed a mysterious envelope next to the plant which had a glittery question mark on the front. We carefully opened it up and found the well-known story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk!’ and the start of our new topic; Once Upon a Time. Throughout this week, we have shared the story on numerous occasions to help familiarise ourselves with the story’s main events and unpick what a story consists of e.g. characters, settings. 


We’ve also found time this week to learn two new sounds in phonics; igh, fly high and ow, blow the snow! We were excited to learn that ‘special friends’ can consist of more than two letters making one sound, just like ‘igh’


In our number learning, we shared the story of a girl called Alison Hubble who went to bed single and woke up DOUBLE! Throughout the story, we tried to keep up with how many Alison’s there were as she would double over night! We identified that doubling means that there is twice as many as before. We enjoyed singing our doubling rhyme:

1+1 is 2, tap them on your shoe!
2+2 is 4, tap them on the floor!
3+3 is 6, do some finger clicks!
4+4 is 8, stand up straight!
5+5 is 10, let’s do it all again!


TIME TO DANCE! We had our very first dance session this week. We explored how dance can be used to display emotions or retell a story through movement. We decided to retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk through dancing. We each took on the role of Jack and created different ways of moving our bodies. We wanted to show Jack’s emotion when he first saw the beanstalk outside his window. We all had wonderful ideas and we look forward to performing the first part of our dance to music next week!


A very full on week of learning Ducklings, enjoy a restful weekend :)