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Week 4 21.03.22

Week 4 The Circle of Life; Humans


This week we have explored a life cycle of a human. We looked at some of our baby photos and discussed how much we have changed over the past few years. We decided to create a ‘Then and Now’ booklet to write about some of our changes from baby to child. We used our learning of letters and sounds to write a sentence. We discovered that a sentence needs to start with a capital letter, have finger spaces between each word, end with a full stop and we should read it back to check our writing. We have all been super writers this week by challenging ourselves to write a whole sentence – amazing!


We have also enjoyed the challenge of learning our final Set 1 sound, nk and two new red words in phonics; you and said. Also, three new numbers in maths – 13, 14 and 15! We have used resources in maths to find various ways of making our new numbers e.g. using the numicon to make 14 with the ten and four piece or using unifix cubes to make 15 from 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 cubes.


During a circle time this week, we looked at a picture of an egg and discussed what it reminded us of…

L: ‘I think a caterpillar because it comes out of an egg!’ E: ‘Maybe there’s a baby duckling inside!’ B: ‘I want to eat it, I eat chocolate ones!’

We shared our ideas and realised that we all had different thoughts about eggs. We then read the Easter Story and found that eggs have a special meaning for Christians. Easter eggs remind Christians of Jesus’ new life and this is celebrated at Easter time. We enjoyed reflecting on how we celebrate Easter at home e.g. going on an Easter Egg Hunt, eating chocolate eggs and spending time with our families. We were also extremely lucky to have a visit from Father Thomas who shared the Easter Story and taught us a song which we enjoyed singing with Robin and Chaffinch class :)


Throughout our Circle of Life topic, we are enjoying the opportunity to witness some life cycles first hand; our caterpillars and tadpoles. A few of us in the class have been keeping a diary on the changes we are observing in the classroom. On Wednesday, we recorded that all 5 caterpillars had reached the chrysalis stage of their life cycle. We are carefully transferring the chrysalides into butterfly pavilion and will then (patiently) wait for the next and final stage to begin :)