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Week 2 20.09.21

Duckling Class Week 2:


Duckling Class have completed their first full week at school and we are so proud of them all! 
There has been lots for them to learn and remember such as how to sit on the carpet (good listening ears), remembering their carpet spot, washing their hands and tidying the classroom at the end of every play session. By Friday, the children were experts at coming into school in the morning and remembering our daily routines – such super learners :)


Marble Jar & Bramber Values

We have also had a few circle times this week to discuss our Bramber Values (found on the Bramber School Website) We have focused on Belonging this week and discussed what this value might look like in school. As a class, we were introduced to our Class Marble Jar and how we need to fill the jar with marbles to receive a whole class treat. To earn a marble, as a class or individually, we need to be displaying our Bramber Values, for example looking after a friend, picking up a broken toy or trying our best at a new learning activity. We have 3 treats marked on the jar, we’ll start with working towards Treat 1 and then work our way up to the jar being completely full on Treat 3 (we will decide the treats as a class) We are very excited to work together as a class to ensure our classroom is full of kind, caring and responsible learners :)


This is ME!

Our first topic for Autumn Term is called ‘This is Me’ and of course, it is all about learning about ourselves! We’ve started our topic by drawing our own self-portraits. This involved a lot of concentration as we used a mirror to focus on our facial features before drawing ourselves. We noticed that everyone in Duckling Class looks very different to each other and we discussed how everyone is very different, either by the way we look or how we may feel about something. However, we realised as a class that we are all different but all equal and very special in our own unique way and that it is definitely something to celebrate! 



Lastly, Duckling Class have experienced their first PE session this week. They have met George, our PE teacher. George commented on how well the children listened to his instructions throughout the session. He taught the children different ways of moving their body around the playground (side-step/ jogging/ skipping) and they had the chance to demonstrate their control while balancing a tennis ball on their hand!


Wow! Such a busy week for Duckling Class - We are very much looking forward to learning more about ourselves next week!
Well done Ducklings, enjoy your well-deserved rest this weekend and we’ll look forward to seeing you Monday!


Miss Booker, Miss Law and Miss Tanner