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Week 4

This week we have gone Minibeast mad! Our caterpillars have now made their chrysalises and we are watching and waiting for the magic to happen. We listened to our key text: ‘Mad About Minibeasts’ and read non-fiction books about different insects. We also watched some information videos and used the facts we have learnt to write our own fact page for a collaborative Minibeast fact book. The Ducklings worked hard to sound out the words carefully, use correct letter formation, remember finger spaces as well as capital letters and full stops!


In Expressive Arts and Design, we used a new paper rolling technique to create a model of a snail. Each one was unique and they looked fantastic altogether under our Matisse ‘The Snail’ display.


In Maths, we have been consolidating our understanding of the composition of 5 and been practising recalling the parts of 5 when 1 part is not visible. We have also been using our subitising skills to recognise when an arrangement shows 5 and when it does not. Later on in the week, we built upon our previous learning about numbers from 6-10 and used our fingers, a double dice frame and a ten frame to see these represented as ‘5 and a bit’ . This helped the children to see that each of these numbers can have 5 as a part.


Well done Ducklings, another week full of learning! I wonder if our butterflies will emerge next week...