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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

At Bramber Primary, a mainstream school, we believe that inclusion is:

  • Giving every child the opportunity to access the curriculum and achieve their full potential
  • Teachers responding to pupils’ diverse learning needs by employing a range of teaching strategies
  • A school community working together with parents/carers and  encouraging them to play an active part in helping their child

Inclusion for all is a key aspect of this school’s work. The most significant part of our work to achieve this is through a challenging, exciting and inclusive curriculum and through the highest quality teaching. We have high ambition for children with SEND, and strive to identify the barriers they might face and adapt the implementation of their learning experience to meet their unique needs. 

All members of the school community are treated with the respect and sensitivity implicit within the practice of a code of equal opportunities and inclusion. Equality of treatment and opportunity operate regardless of background, ability, gender, religion, disability or ethnicity

Our School Vision is: ‘A lifelong love of learning; a love of life’


Our Inclusion Team, led by Miss Barrett, offers support to meet specific and wide-ranging needs including emotional, behavioural and academic. The nature of this support varies from one child to another but aims to be flexible to meet a wide variety of changing circumstances. Our team of skilled teachers work with our specialist team for both the short and the long term to ensure that every child can make the best possible progress.

Miss Claire Barrett

SEND Co-ordinator

01903 219277


Mrs Carla Killey

Pastoral Lead