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We have been learning about animals and their habitats.


First, we found out which microhabitats we have at school. We found evidence of insects living in leaf litter and birds nests. 

The children used iPads to take photos of the habitats they found.

After discovering many microhabitats in our local environment, we were interested to find out where the best place is for worms to live. Our investigation begun! We found worms in the playground, measured their length, wrote about their colour and where they were found. 

We concluded that worms like to live in cold, wet mud and under other things like logs. They like to be hide from predators like birds and get their nutrients from the soil. 

We have then started to think about animals and habitats in different parts of the UK and the world. We have learned why animals live where they live and how they adapt to their habitats. 

We started off by learning about the different habitats. Miss O'Hara gave us a toy animal in small groups and we had to draw, label, then make a habitat for it using resources around the classroom.

Come back soon to see our brilliant writing about habitats!