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Year 5 Penalty Shoot Out

On Thursday 19th September.


Some of our Year 5 children competed in a Penalty Shoot Out competition, against 10 schools. 


They did amazingly well. They all enjoyed themselves and some of our goals were superb and powerful! We finished in 5th place and were very close to a 3rd/4th place battle!


We are so proud of you all! Well done Year 5 penalty takers.



We draw with Broadwater White (3-3)

We beat Durrington (4-3)

We beat Broadwater Yellow (3-2)

We beat Broadwater Purple (3-2)

We draw with Going Blue (4-4)

We lost to Goring Red (1-3)

We lost to English Martyrs (2-3)

We beat Whytemead (4-2)

We lost to Elm Grove (3-5)

We beat Hawthorns (1-0)


5 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses